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Our Bed and Breakfast is strategically located between Dr Wind (5 minutes walking) and Club Kauli Seadi (10 minutes walking).

Perfect conditions for Kitesurf and Windsurf lovers turn São Miguel do Gostoso day after day the point of reference for wind addicts from Brazil and all over the world.

São Miguel do Gostoso´s beach has a lenght of aproximately 3 Km and it offers sailing condition for any sport level, from beginners to professionals. The beach with the best conditions is Ponta de Santo Cristo in front of Dr Wind surf station. Ponta do Santo Cristo is huge sandy beach with no obstacles, rocks or trees, making it safe for kite launch.

Dr Wind surf station has a rescue boat available for its guests.

The wind blows constantly all over the year, but the best months, when the wind blows in the perfect direction, are between September and March.

The wind is just perfect, never too strong, blowing side or side-off from the right. A tipical day of wind in São Miguel do Gostoso starts at 10 am, with winds of moderate intensity from 15 to 20 knots; around 11 am a thermal component peeks up and we can have between 20 and 30 knots of constant wind, it´s hardly gusty.

Close to the beach flat water, specially on low tide, 300m from the beach perfect waves that can get to 2m outside the reef. For those who love freestyle and free ride, depending on the tide, we have a small wave inside the bay perfect for radical tricks. Usually the number of sails in the water is small, on the water and on the beach you´ll have enough space for a fun and safe experience. The probability of wind is extremely high and on our high season from statistics we are around 95% per month. This percentage drops a little bit in the first and last month of the season. In Gostoso we say: “If you came for 15 days you´ll sail at least 16!”.



R$ 960 / course

- 6 Hours -

  • Theory and Kite control - 2 hours

  • Body drag - 2 hours

  • Water start - 2 hours


R$ 140 / hour

- different courses offered -

  • Beginner - 4 hours - 540 R$

  • Intermediate - 4 hours - 540 R$

  • Advanced - 4 hours - 540 R$

  • Funboard - 4 hours - 580 R$


R$ 25 / hour

- from -

  • SUP: 1hour 40 R$ – 3 hr 80 R$

  • Surf: 1 hour 25 R$ – 3 hr 50 R$

  • SUP Rio Punau 480 R$ for 2 people

Jacopo Testa

Daniel Cha

Jacopo Testa

Daniel Cha

Daniel Cha and The Cow

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Simone Panfili